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Welcome! So glad you’re here!

A little bit about myself: I love Jesus . . . and the Church, messy as we can be.

I also love helping people who wrestle with some of the tough topics of the Christian faith. I wrote a book recently called The Skeletons in God’s Closet: The Mercy of Hell, The Surprise of Judgment, The Hope of Holy War  (Thomas Nelson: Oct 2014; you can order it by clicking on the link in the sidebar).

I serve as Pastor of Local and Global Outreach at Imago Dei Community, a church in the heart of Portland, Oregon, where I get to develop our city ministries in areas like foster care, human trafficking and homelessness. I also get to craft international partnerships in areas like clean water, HIV-support and church planting. I also love writing worship music, striving to infuse theological depth and poetic imagination into the life of the local church. It’s kind of a dream job.

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I hope for this site to be a place where:

Theology hits pavement: as we encounter God not in the mathematical abstractions of ivory towers but in the dirt and concrete of everyday life.

Justice is celebrated: through inspiring stories of everyday folks doing amazing things as they follow Jesus in my hometown and around the world.

Culture is engaged: where movies, music and books intersect and collide with Jesus and the hope of his kingdom.

Worship is emboldened: through an infusion of theological depth, poetic imagination and everyday accessibility into our life with God.

I hope this site will inspire you with amazing stories of justice, mercy and worship I get to encounter regularly through everyday folks following Jesus.

I have the most amazing wife in the world.  Holly made my decade when she agreed to marry me 8-years-ago (what was she thinking!) Our greatest joy is our daughter Aiden who, believe it or not, was born on 09/09/09, and our son Jake who was born on 06/07/14. We also love being a foster family for vulnerable children—we currently have an amazing little guy who’s been with us since Summer 2013.

A few weird facts about me:

  • I once got beat up by a billy goat.
  • I’ve been run over by a VW van.

  • I ate a dog (don’t worry, it was cooked).

I hope you enjoy the site! Make yourself at home, stay as long as you like, help yourself to anything in the fridge . . . and hit me up on Twitter (@butlerjosh) if you enjoy your stay!